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When a landlord calls the FBI to tip them off about Phillips' location, Scully and Willis move in to capture her.

However, when Scully corners Phillips, Willis holds Scully at gunpoint and forces her to instead handcuff herself.

After an old partner of Scully's is wounded in a bank robbery, Scully and Mulder come to believe that the injured man has been possessed by the spirit of the dead bank robber.

In the episode's original plot, the bank robber was to have jumped into Mulder's body.

There was, however, a belief at the time that neither Scully nor Mulder should directly experience such phenomena.

It premiered on the Fox network on February 4, 1994.

Dupre dies, but Willis is eventually revived; however, Dupre's corpse is seen reacting to the jolts from the defibrillators used on Willis.

Willis wakes up a few days later, but now has a more sinister personality.

Following an anonymous tip, the two agents corner Dupre during an attempted robbery.

Dupre shoots Willis with a shotgun, but is himself shot by Scully.

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