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David De Martini is Senior Vice President of Global Ecommerce for Electronic Arts, and that means that EA's much-maligned Origin digital distribution service is his baby.

The service has had some difficult patches in its first year, and Games Industry International sat down with De Martini at E3 to find out if things are getting better. David De Martini: Origin is in a constant state of improvement, at our official one year birthday.

When you see it at the month-to-month level sometimes it's hard for our customers to see what we're doing, to see the bigger picture unfold.

When you look at the year in totality, we did a tremendous amount of foundational work.

That's what we've lined up, and now it's really a matter of execution against our plans, to give people the kind of differentiated service that will make Origin unique in the industry.

That's not a value judgment on "It'll make it better than Steam, it'll make it better than Impulse." It will be its own thing and it will be really good, and the customers get to choose.

Continuous improvement, reduced consumption and your costs guide our technological choices.We don't make any excuses and EA doesn't believe in having any excuses.We've got to continue to make the service better, dramatically better, and stickier, on a quarter by quarter basis throughout this entire fiscal year and that's what we intend to do.David De Martini: Yeah, but as the comedian says, "Nobody cares!" Nobody cares that it's hard, because it is really hard.

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