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We even plan to have custom #Share ACoke bottles made for our wedding favors!Thank you, Coca Cola for sharing in all of our most magical moments!" Danielle Leuck says, "I have three beautiful sisters and one of our favorite pasttimes is doing little photoshoots.Especially when one, or all, is in need of a self-confidence boost.

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Thank you for letting us #share our story with you!I love my sister so much and I think she looks stunning with her naturally long eyelashes and cute little bottle of "I like anything which can be used in an artistic way while helping make the environment beautiful," Noorani Barkat says."I believe that art is anything which can add beauty to a place." Wesley Begay tells us: "My wife and I got married on July 5, 2015, and we invited all of our aunts, uncles and grandparents.Since we had our wedding around Independence Day, we had a rustic country wedding with BBQ and of course that was served straight out of the glass bottle.

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