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In the For the Strength of Youth, there’s a section on dating.

In it, it says, “You should not date until you are at least 16 years old.

He said if he had a list, it would’ve said “loves sports.” And if he had only looked for women who loved sports, he wouldn’t have gone out with his wife, who hated sports — and still hates them.

Of course, we should consider qualities we desire in ourselves and in a potential spouse.

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He says that when they turn 12, they are told they are preparing to serve missions, which means not dating because girls are a “distraction.” Robinson said that while the counsel is meant to “protect” the young men, the young men end up hearing, “Girls are bad.

Girls will keep me from being able to go on a mission.” Is that a good mentality to teach the young men of the church?

Thus, a sister may be unwilling to consider dating a wonderful, worthy brother who falls short on her perfectionist scale—he does not dance well, is not planning to be wealthy, did not serve a mission, or admits to a past problem with pornography since resolved through repentance and counseling.

“If my wife had had a list, she would have never went out with me,” Robinson joked.

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