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Welts from whipping are hot as hell, but for her face, make her beautiful by showing the anguish and terror in her eyes; don't make her ugly by shutting said eyes with bruises and swelling.

Brutus wrote: Also, as always, great year-end lists, A Canadian and Ralphus. I was starting to worry about those growing rumors that you had left Bring out the GIMP to go join a new site moderated by Bondage Dave. Renzo Novatore wrote: Maleficarum looks pretty good, but it's way too expensive currently for my tastes. I said then that .99 for a DVD was on the high end.

As far as what my views are on filesharing, well, people probably know by now. I do believe in supporting artists whose work you enjoy, though.

Generally speaking though I don't view the problems associated with internet copyright as "good" or "bad", just as an evolution that people are going to have to adjust to.

Yes Ralphus man i am here to save you from yourself.

I remember the excited about the release of Maleficarum, when it started on this board and i too was very excited but it seems like years that this Movie has been promoted in here and i for one am so sick of hearing about it over and over and over no offence.

I was saving to purchase Maleficarum but after all this i'm going to spend my money on something else. Personally my general rule is that I won't spend over 25 dollars on a DVD that I haven't seen.

I've only done that once, on a director's cut DVD of a (mainstream, not porn) film that was over 30 dollars, and later I found out that the movie in question sucked. That's not to say that I wouldn't spend Maleficarum prices on a DVD, but I have to know that I like it beforehand, that it's worthwhile to get.

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Au contraire, I've been quite keen to rent the movie. ----- Ralphus also wrote: This was after he was offered a free DVD by a member of this board and still turned it down. If members of this forum have some extra dollars in their wallets, I would prefer to see the money go to charity.

The amount I might spend each month can vary depending on what I want to see and/or own, and what's available.

I do download some movies off the 'Net, but the flicks I'm lifting are Japanese porn movies that are only available to me in pirated forms, regardless of how I get them. If I see something I really like, I'll still buy the disc.

In fact, if there were a reasonable way for me to get my hands on original DVD copies of some of my favorite Japanese films, I would prefer that route. Renzo Novatore has done a good job making the point about buying unseen movies.

Right now, the minimum cost to see Maleficarum, even if it's only for a one-time viewing, is .

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