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” Trouble with math or finances: “I’m having trouble with the tip on this restaurant bill.” Other examples include unexplained hoarding or stockpiling and repetition of statements or tasks.

Explanation: The deterioration of brain cells caused by Alzheimer’s is a particular culprit in behaviors showing poor judgment or errors in thinking.

Often, it remained a mystery as to what prompted the outburst.

For her caregivers, it was often getting dressed or bathing that provoked aggression.” DO: The key to responding to aggression caused by dementia is to try to identify the cause—what is the person feeling to make them behave aggressively?

“As my mom’s disease progressed, so did the mood swings.

She could be perfectly fine one moment, and the next she was yelling and getting physical.

At the time, she was living independently and was very adamant about remaining in her house.

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The anger, confusion, fear, paranoia and sadness that people with the disease are experiencing can result in aggressive and sometimes violent actions.

Some are more subtle, however, and the person may not realize that they are having trouble with things that they never used to think twice about.

According to Napoletan, “There came a time when I began to suspect my mom was having problems keeping financial records in order.

“Don’t try to forcibly restrain the person unless there is absolutely no choice.” Mariotto agrees: “The biggest way to stop aggressive behavior is to remove the word ‘no’ from your vocabulary.” Examples: Statements such as “I want to go home! Remember that Alzheimer’s causes progressive damage to cognitive functioning, and this is what creates the confusion and memory loss.

There’s also a psychological component, says Mariotto: DO: There are a few possible ways to respond to questions that indicate your loved one is confused about where he or she is.

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