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Frankists established Marxism, The Frankfurt School, Tavistock, Weimar German cultural degeneracy, and the psycho-analysis movement. Did I mention the Frankists practiced ritual incest in their ritual orgies?

And Louis Brandeis came from a family of Frankists.

I believe the political system as a whole is a scam.

Both sides (The Republican and the Democratic Party) are in on it and play their roles in public.

Oh, and a lot of the Jonestown assassins ended up in Angola shortly after, supposedly.

Of course, a lot of red herrings are thrown our way, but there are enough factual accounts and evidence out there that reveal how sick and corrupt the elite are.thanks r25 r26, I wanted to link those but couldn't find it.

I've got to read his book because I'm curious about what he says about how there seemed to have been a serial killer trend in the seventies and eighties that's kind of vanished now. Smiley Face killings but they don't get anywhere near the same police or media attention.]The official Jonestown research institute is run out of Cal State San Diego or something, and it's run by the daughter of the lady who financed the construction of Jonestown.

She's also the sister of the guy who shot the Jonestown armed guard who Congressman.

The Rothschild family were actually members of the Frankist movement. Pure evil, but it spawned a Jewish "Enlightenment" of sorts.

Subverting everything good and orderly, and promoting everything chaotic and destructive in Europe, all for the goal of establishing full Jewish/Frankist rule.

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