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So I'm taking a few minutes - for my own sake - to write this stuff down so I can look it up next time I have a brain fart Using a Button Field you can specify a Command Name which in turn provides the On Row Command event some context as to what type of operation you are dealing with in Code Behind.

In Code Behind you have to do a bit of work though if you want to retrieve the proper context from a Data Item.

C# codebehind - I'm not really deleting the row from the database but it's a test: protected void Orders Grid View_Row Deleted(object sender, System. It looks like you are handling the "onrowdeleted" event, not the "Row Deleting" event in your markup, change: onrowdeleted="Orders Grid View_Row Deleted" to Row Deleting="Orders Grid View_Row Deleting" Look a the docs for this event: you will also see that your handler's signature will need to change: The Row Deleting probally lets you Cancel the event.

C# gridview link|improve this question edited Aug 23 '10 at Timwi20.7k23085 asked Aug 23 '10 at Janis6317 50% accept rate. Grid View Delete Event Args e) the Row Deleting event happens, then the onrowdeleted event.

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fired event rowupdating which wasnt handled-51

fired event rowupdating which wasnt handled-84

your new handler will look someting like this: protected void Orders Grid View_Row Deleting(object sender, System. I've changed it but it didn't work, I got the same error But I had the Row Deleting="Orders Grid View_Row Deleting" AND the Row Deleted="Orders Grid View_Row Deleted" at first and after reading about rowdeleting , I skipped that one cause I don't want to ask the user if he/she is okay with deleting the row, I just want to delete it.

Raise Post Back Event(String event Argument) 13 System.

Raise Post Back Event(IPost Back Event Handler source Control, String event Argument) 13 System.

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