Dizionario italiano de agostini online dating

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Shelved with it is an index of legislation in force, both national and regional.

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A special department of the Court is charged with extracting these "maxims", which to an English reader look rather like headnotes or entries in a case digest.

Between 18 the usual complement of five codes for the whole of Italy was achieved: Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Code of Commerce, Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure.

A new Penal Code was introduced in 1931 and a Code of Civil Procedure in 1940.

Several of the major Italian legal publishers have their catalogues available on the internet including Giuffre, Cedam, Utet and Zanichelli.

The site of the Instituto di Teoria e Tecniche dell' Informazione Giuridica (Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques) outlines the databases which it publishes, and includes some useful guides in Italian.

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