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So, the American Ornithological Union checklists are only one source, not THE source.

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What I'm thinking of is a new property (of type URL) "free image available at url" in which we can store the direct link to the out of copyright work that can be uploaded to Commons.A species with name Synthliboramphus hypoleucus (Xantus's Murrelet) was deleted from the AOU list as per the 53rd supplement in 2012 I'm not really a wikidata expert, but I would suggest the best course of action is to retain Xantus's Murrelet to something which indicates that this is a formerly recognised taxon, but which has been deleted.I had a quick look but couldn't find an item that would describe that, but this must have happened before. I don't really think that Xantus's Murrelet Wikidata follows a NPo V policy, not a Single Point of View policy; for that try Wikispecies.Especially the idea that place of birth automatically translates into a Wales citizenship is problematic and that seems how the Quick Statements are sourced. To quote from the WP Talk page: The result of all these debates is that Wales is indeed a country. As it's a nation, a country, then the nationality of the people born there are 99% of the time Welsh.In the 1% I would include people who have moved in, and moved out again within a few years.

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